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Combination Work - State of the art technology for prosthetic dentistry

Combination work is the combination of removable and fixed (non removable) dental restoration treatment.

Bridgework is the fixed part and a cast partial denture is the removable part.

Combination work is a good restoration option, in case an individual doesn't have sufficient teeth required for bridgework or, if the inserting of Dental Implants Preparation isn't feasible due to lack of bone etc.

The patients existing teeth are prepared and porcelain bridgework is fabricated and then fixed in place.

Because the fixed part (bridgework) is cemented and secure it enhances the stability of the removeable denture section by way of the "connecting" attachment which fastenes the fixed part (bridgework) to the removeable part (denture).

This concealed lock makes the removeable denture aesthetically perfect, and its stability is approximate to that of the fixed restoration (bridgework).

The advantages of this type of dental restoration is that the denture is based on a strong metal plate, it is smaller in size and is less obtrusive in the mouth and because the existing teeth are affixed in a bridge, they are kept in line. Consequently the biting pressure is borne by all the teeth and not just by the partial denture.


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